A family of coaches at Root Foundation

Mitch and Brad Shepard visited us with their children Adi and Ben during the last two weeks of April as friends of our organization. Currently, they are dedicating a whole year to travelling the world. Indeed, they decided to stop by in Kigali, particularly to find out more about Root Foundation and the ways to support us as volunteers in terms of leadership and fundraising. Mitch is a leadership coach by profession. To have her and Brad’s expertise was definitely a great opportunity for us.

Our co-founders Muragwa and Patrick spent many hours discussing with them about effective leadership and, thus, benefited from their coaching, especially in terms of how to improve Management. Our whole team received very supportive advice concerning our current fundraising strategy. Some valuable ideas we are now planning to implement directly derived from their input, for instance the start of Airbnb experiences at our Center and the increasing approach towards international companies to secure financial resources through corporate social responsibility opportunities.

We have finally maximized our cooperation through the focus on capacity building so that our team can continue to follow up on such valuable ideas. Besides all that, the whole family spent many afternoons at our Center and interacted with our children so that new friendships started!

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