An enriching experience of cultural exchange

You have never seen Root Foundation opening on a Sunday? Guess what happened on 16 September! We had been asked by the Jumelage to receive a student group from German high school Hilda-Gymnasium Koblenz on this date. That’s why we decided to also gather some children although it was Sunday – in order to offer some vivid impressions of a day at Root Foundation.

Our volunteers Hannah and Mugisha started with some energizers for everyone who was there, before giving our children the opportunity to show some dancing and drumming performances. In this context, they did not even face a big challenge with the task to organise themselves. Quite the contrary: The visitors were really excited about their energy! After these performances, there was still time for some games to get in touch with each other. Some of the German students had even made up some ideas on their own, as they put effort into a little choreography related to a German song which they worked on together with the children.

Both groups considered this day as a great experience of cultural exchange and we hope that there will be some further cooperation in the future! On top of that, we would really like to thank the group from Hilda-Gymnasium for their donations in kind: They brought us some football jerseys and – when they visited us again a few days later – also other clothes as well as writing materials!

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