Anti-Plastic Project

In cooperation with our german partner school Gymnasium Netphen we are working together on an Anti-Plastic Project since November 2017. Ursula Wussow, the german teacher, started the project last summer with her 5th grade class. As they participated in a contest they asked Root Foundation if we want to join the program and work together on the project. Of course we agreed as the topic of how plastic effects our environment is an important aspect in the general discussion about sustainability in which every member of our society should be involved.

For the contest in which Gymnasium Netphen and Root Foundation took part we created different workshops where the children learned about what plastic is at all, how the material gets produced and reduced and how it impacts the environmental change.

We sent our results of the workshop to Mrs. Wussow, who then created a presentation of our and their work to compete in the contest. And the great news – we did win! We reached first place and so got honored with a monetary prize. Our project found attention through different german media as well.

But it did not end here. Furthermore, we want to create different programs where we learn more about the on the one hand harmful but otherwise useful material. We also participated in another competition called “Engagement global”, which the German Federal President is hosting. And here again, Gymnasium Netphen and Root Foundation together made the first place. We are so proud and thankful to have such a great and successful partnership in the German School!

We are looking forward to collaborate with Gymnasium Netphen furthermore and arrange some nice and interesting projects for the children in Rwanda and Germnay as well.

( Please also check out Gymnasium Netphens website where they report about our projects and their school generally )