“Brass for Africa” is bringing the music to Root Foundation. In cooperation with this great organisation which aims at enabling underpriviliged children in African countries to get brass music lessons, we are now able to offer music education to our children.

Please take a look on our external blog about this project.

Supported by the “Jumelage” (the organisation of partnership between Rwanda and the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate), we happily received donated brass instruments in September 2018! Their arriving is the result of a so-called “concert of partnership”, an event which took place in Landau (Germany) on 17 June 2018. Both donations in cash and in kind that were collected on this day have been used in order to send trumpets and trombones to Rwanda.

We are confident that the cooperation with “Brass for Africa”  is a great step for Root Foundation as well as a huge chance for our children. Music has a high value for our organisation and has always been involved in our programs through drumming, singing and traditional dancing.

This project now aims at offering professional teaching of different brass instruments which are not yet common in Rwanda to our children as well as at forming a Root Foundation Brass Band with all the benefits of learning an instrument and making music together.

Thereby, our children will especially also learn life and social skills such as

   – teamwork

   – self-confidence

   – resilience

   – concentration

   – communication 

   – ambition 

And who knows? Some of them might even get the chance to become teachers themselves one day by learning how to play those trumpets and trombones, how to perform on public occasions and even how to repair the Instruments.