Brass Music at Root!

Since the end of summer 2018, our trumpets and trombones have been waiting to be properly used by Root Foundation’s children. Finally, the time has come and the first delegation from our Uganda-based partner organisation “Brass for Africa” arrived! On Thursday, 24 January, we received Loise Njeri from their M&E department as well as their experienced brass music teacher Ronald Kabuye for a few days and – first of all – brass teacher Tonny Mwolese. He will be staying in Kigali for the first two months of the project now to start teaching our children how to play brass instruments as a new part of our Personal Development Program.

Before some first introductory lessons and try-out sessions were offered by the two brass teachers, the project realisation started by distributing and translating surveys to many of our children. These surveys deal with their individual family and educational background as well as with their skills and weaknesses, based on self-assessment. They are supposed to deliver a strong understanding about our children’s life circumstances in various regards. Six months after the start of the project, the surveys will be implemented once more so that it becomes possible to see which differences have been made in children’s development during the time of regular attendance of Brass Music lessons.

Within the next few weeks, Teacher Tonny will be determining one group of younger and one group of elder children who are going to start learning brass instruments. We are looking forward to this amazing project and are already incredibly glad about the very first results of this musical experience we could listen to!

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