Personal Development

We provide vulnerable children the opportunity to gain self-reliability and resilience to build on their own future. Therefore, we offer them a diversity of activities at our Children’s Center through which we intend to let them discover their talents and, at the same time, contribute to a lasting, positive effect on their character development, focusing on their self-esteem and self-efficacy.


Scholarship Program

We currently offer scholarships for selected children of all different school levels. We enable them to continue or gain access to school education by covering their school fees, school materials and health insurance. To follow up and advise on their individual educational situations, Root Foundation visits students regularly at their schools. Sometimes, we also offer subject-specific coaching.


Parent’s Program

We involve children’s direct environment into our work: their families. Root Foundation’s volunteers regularly visit affected families, listen to their stories and offer them counselling. We invite all parents for monthly fellowship meetings to engage, support and advise them in their efforts to manage their children’s education. Through the mothers’ cooperative, we have an impact on the income mothers make.


Building Children Center

Root Foundation is raising the money to build/purchase the building that is at least as big as approx. 75m x 75m, located in Batsinda - the area where the biggest number of street children and other vulnerable families who need Root Foundation services most are found. Our aim is to use locally sourced, sustainable materials, to install solar cells, use rainwater involve the people of Batsinda in the building/transformation work.


Young People Hub

Yo.Pe Community hub is a space created by Root Foundation for Young People(Yo.Pe) of Batsinda, Kigali, Rwanda and Africa. It is a youth friendly hub that offers a variety of programs and activities to build up the knowledge and character of young people, to connect with themselves, their potentials and those of their communities, country and Africa.


Brass Music Project

In partnership with our partner Brass For Africa , this project aims using Brass music to uplift the lives of underprivileged children in Kigali, Children are equipped with instruments-playing skills and other life skills. Instruments taught include: trumpet, violin, tuba, euphonium, and drums, among others.


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