Consolation walk

On last Saturday, the 16th of June, Root Foundation celebrated like the rest of the world the International Day of the African Child. To honor this day, we arranged our annual event the Consolation Walk. Inviting and animating people of any ages to stand up for education for every child in Africa and especially in Rwanda.

Our walk started at 9am in Gacinjiro Kigali where we met with 150 participants, the police and Root Foundation’s members. The one hour walk to Batsinda was quite animated by talks and discussions between the attendees. Also Sulfo sponsored a couple bottles of water so everybody could refresh during the 5km long trip.

After we reached Batsinda the children of Root performed different shows, which they prepared during the weeks before. For example, the traditional dancers and drummers performed, the modern dancers as well and also the theatre group practiced a play that called on how important education is and on what a big problem the African continent deals with referring to this subject.

All in all, it was a great event which we will keep in our memories for a long time and which we are looking forward to organize next year again. Of course we hope you joined or if not you will next time!

Kind regards,
Your Root Foundation Team!

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