Debate & Checkmate

What is leadership about? “Leadership is not about being in a big position, but it starts with self-leadership, when you are self-responsible, when you don’t cause problems yourself, but solve the problems others have and also try to find a solution for problems together with them.” This is not a quotation of an experienced professor of Social Studies, no, it is the answer Xavier (13) gave to the question what he had learned during the Critical Thinking Workshop he had attended.

Organised and implemented by our partner organisation “Heart of a thousand hills”, this workshop took place at our Children’s Center during the whole week from 7 to 13 January. Around 30 children gathered together for four hours every afternoon. They learned in an interactive, engaging and creative way about what it means to take a responsible role in their community and society as well as about how to critically question issues and how to cleverly debate about them.

On top of both group discussions and more individual tasks such as creating a poster about one’s role models, the participating children took the challenge to experience different methods that help them “train their brain” such as chess which they really enjoyed. On Sunday, the workshop closed with a presentation and the distribution of the certificates which the parents were proudly invited to join!

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