Deepening our cooperation with the Jumelage

For a few years now, Root Foundation has already been in contact with the “Jumelage” – which the Rwandan Coordination Office of the official partnership between Rwanda and the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate is usually known as. Still, both sides felt that there might be an even greater potential with regard to our cooperation. That’s why in October, a meeting had been scheduled, aiming at a decision on different areas of collaboration which would promise a mutual benefit.

We are – first and foremost – pleased to appreciate that the “Jumelage” is willing to find an official German partner organisation based in Rhineland-Palatinate for us! Since the “Jumelage” has got very positive feedback regarding our organisation from the German groups who have already been visiting Root Foundation in the past, we have also been asked to host all the groups visiting Rwanda from Rhineland-Palatinate at our Children’s Center in the future. What a great opportunity both to make our organisation more known in general and to give our guests an outstanding impression of our children’s performances, their joy and their energy! On top of that, we are planning to take part in different future occasions organised by the “Jumelage” such as cultural events.

All in all, we are convinced that both organisations are about to take a big step forward concerning our cooperation!

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