Fellowship, Listen to: A single mother

During our second episode of our “Listen to…” series of discussions this Wednesday, The Root Fellowship hosted a young mother who had her first child when she was 17 and a primary school student. We have had a great time listening to her and asking some questions as to what it really is like to live as a teenage single mama!

The discussion was very insightful as we had university and high school students, medical doctors, leaders of AFRIYAN Rwanda, Lawyers, international volunteers and other friends of Root Foundation.

The discussion was emotional which led to a quick initiative where the fellowship community committed to take care of Madina and her two sons! Generally, there are so many teenage mothers, sometimes HIV positive like her, who raise their children on their own, who have dropped out of school, who have been abandoned by their family and live in very vulnerable conditions. All in all, adolescents need access to important information in order to make good decisions in their life. Furthermore, they need a caring community and protective policies.

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