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How does the Godparent Program work?

Being a Godparent means you will commit to paying a certain amount of money to one of our children in the Education Program to facilitate them the necessary means to attend school. This way, you can help your Godchild directly to attend school, buy their uniform, educational material and pay for the mandatory health insurance. In return you will receive regular updates about your Godchild’s life throughout the year, which includes school reports, images and information about their development.

From which options can I choose?

These are the possible amounts that you can choose from to help your Godchild attend school for one academic year:

42 €, 84 €, 126 €, 252 € and 294 €.

How can I contact Root Foundation regarding the Godparents Program?

Just send an email to info.rootfoundation(at) and add the key word “Godparents” in the reference line.

What will happen with my donation?

Your donation will exclusively benefit the Educational Program of Root Foundation Rwanda. The money will directly facilitate your Godchild’s educational support as part of the Scholarship program. This includes school fees, educational material, school uniform and the mandatory health insurance. The necessary expenses are the following:

School Fees:

The school fees in Rwanda vary according to the grade. From 1st (P1) to 6th grade (P6) a child attends primary school, for which the school fees are 9.000 RWF (~ $10) for one year. From 7th (S1) to 9th (S3) grade children in Rwanda attend Secondary I – here the school fees are 52.500 RWF (~ $60) for one year. During Secondary II, which is grade 10 (S4) to 12 (S6), the school fees are 255.000 RWF (~ $290) for one year.

School Uniform:

Wearing a school uniform in Rwanda is mandatory. The costs for a uniform are around 10.000 RWF (~ $11).

School Materials:

School materials include pens, books and a notebook. The average cost for these materials per year is 8.000 RWF (~ $9).

Health Insurance:

As sickness is one of the primary causes for children to stay home from school even though their school fees might be covered, health insurance is a primordial in our philosophy. However, in Rwanda, health insurances are always family insurances and not payable only for individuals. Although the standard insurance is not overly expensive, still a lot of families are not able to afford it. The calculated amount of 15.000 RWF/year (~ $17) is derived from the average number of children in a Rwandan family, that is 5-6.