Interview with top performer Francois

Francois! You reached 73 out of 73 points in the Secondary School Gra-duation Exam. We think this is amazing! How do you feel about that now?

I feel happy to have finished my A level in Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology. Getting all the marks is something great in my life. Even my reputation has increased for some percentages.

What kind of reputation do you mean?

The way people look at me in society and their behaviour towards me. The marks that I got have also shown how I am. So, they had an influence on what people think about me.

After this success in your graduation, what are your plans now?

I prefer to become a doctor. In Secondary School, my favourite subject was Biology. Now, I want to attend the University of Rwanda to study medicine. The application form will be open in May.

Why does it fascinate you to become a doctor?

I was inspired by some diseases which are increasing in the world so that many people are dying. Also, here in Rwanda, some health centres and hospitals lack more doctors and nurses to care for the patients. So, I want to contribute more.

What do you hope for, regarding future health development?

Science has demonstrated that many things like Genetic Engineering, the things which were only Science Fiction before, are becoming real. So, I hope in 2030, some health problems will be decreased by 30 percent.

When did you join Root Foundation and which activities have you been participating in so far?

I first came to Root Foundation in 2015. Here, I practice in the Drumming Team and in the Brass Team because I really love music. Root Foundation has also supported me in terms of getting school materials.

What do you like most about our organisation?

We study many things here which encourage and inspire us and give a direction to our lives. Children gain life experience so that they can know who they are and what they have to do to be successful.

What changed for you throughout the past few years?

Before coming to Root Foundation, I was not able to meet with and talk to many people and kids, even their parents. Now, I have conversed with many people, parents and kids. They told me about some problems in life which they meet, such as their difficulties to attend the hospital. To care for people like them, I want to engage myself to solve the problems which make life difficult here.

Thank you so much for the interview! We are really proud of you and wish you all the best for your upcoming application! Our Team is sure you can become a great doctor!

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