On Saturday, 13 April, in the end of the Genocide memorial week, Root Foundation dedicated the program to a discussion about unity and the sameness of humanity because we believe that the real “Never Again” means to give opportunities to all children without any kind of discrimination regarding their childhood background. We feel obliged to underline that we love them and we teach them to love one another. That was the core of our conversation, connected with teaching about the history of the genocide in Rwanda.

Therefore, we emphasized on the roots of the genocide being the discrimination that starts by showing and also creating differences within the people for a hateful purpose. We tried to raise awareness among our children that there are so much more similarities which should bring all the people together than the little things which differentiate them. Instead of taking existing differences as aspects to tear the people apart and separate them into determined groups, we even believe that many among such differences can be considered beautiful – insofar as they show that all the people actually need each other to get along well in this world, thereby bringing them together.

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