My Talent Show

It was the highlight of the year – and at the same time the last event Root Foundation has been organising in 2018: our My Talent Show. As you might know, this annual celebration is meant to give a platform to all of the different children we are hosting at our center so that they can show all their various, superb talents! Not only established groups such as the Traditional Dancing and Drumming – which can be newly explored by astonished visitors with every performance once more – or Theatre presented themselves: From Belly Dance, Singing and Modern Dance to Fashion, Acrobatics and Comedy, a wide range of amazing acts inspirited the stage.

This evening, the whole Root Foundation area was literally filled with local and international visitors and – apart from our children and volunteers – especially with many parents who had come to watch or cheer their children during their performances. Though it was already such a celebrative atmosphere, the children probably were even happier when we gave everyone of them bread and water in the end of the event. To make My Talent Show so much of a success, our sponsors have helped us a lot with their support: Thank you so much, Goethe-Institut, La Galette, Jibu, Sulfo Industries, the Jumelage / Partnership of Rhineland-Pa-latinate and Rwanda, T2000 Supermarket and Techno Market Printing House!

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