Our Brass Band at Serena Hotel!

It was by surprise that our Brass Band has been asked to perform at a function on the occasion of the 20st anniversary of the Nile Basin Initiative, an intergovernmental partnership of ten Nile Basin countries, including Rwanda. Would you guess where this function finally took place on 22 February? At Kigali Serena Hotel!

This means, after only a few weeks of practice, our young trumpet and trombone players from Batsinda found themselves marching through a huge hotel hall, under the gaze of hundreds of attendants. Indeed, this first performance was a great success; for our children did an awesome job. During the above-mentioned short period of time, they had already reached an unexpectedly high command of not only blowing into, but actually playing those instruments! We are really proud of them! Also, we address huge thanks to the organisers for the amazing opportunity and to Teacher Tonny who trains his group exceptionally well!

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