Our new GoFundMe Crowdfunding Campaign

We have started a new Crowdfunding Campaign in October. Considering the long-term perspective, this might be an important step for Root Foundation which is why we would like to ask you to read the following lines and check out if you want to contribute to our campaign or maybe share it with others.

Over the years, Root Foundation has achieved incredible results. Out of nothing, the founders of our organisation created a center for street children, providing them a safe haven and a place to develop their potentials, to connect to their families and even to support them to attend school. However, with over 200 vulnerable children seeking help from the organisation, the local volunteers find themselves facing an impossible task. The lack of financial means has even forced us to scale down our school funding. Consequently, some children have been taken out of school as their fees could not be afforded anymore.

Generally, in the last years there have been more children approaching us than we are able to support. Today, to face this problem, Root Foundation is working towards the goal of becoming a more professional, independent NGO in order to help as many children as possible in the future. Your contribution will therefore help Root Foundation to create a permanent position for a fundraising manager, which will present the first step towards a more self-sustaining future. This position is going to be the corner stone on which the prospected reorganisation of Root Foundation will be based.

Once continuous funding is available, more permanent and paid positions for local Rwandans will be established and the organisation’s program can expand to include more children. Thus, any donation helps Root Foundation to provide a sustainable future for those children who used to spend most of their time on the streets and are the most vulnerable members of our society.

You find our campaign under the following link:


Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated! Let’s try to augment the already fantastic 610 dollars that we got until now!

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