Root Fellowship September, listen to: A child with disability

On our very last Fellowship of the Listen To Series we dealt with the topic of how disabled people are treated and included in our society. We listened to the stories of several people affected by disabilities and got an insight of their life’s and how they get along with their situation.

Listening to our guests and the attendees we all realized how interesting, important and also funny this subject can be. As everyone told about experiences, whether negative or positive we came to the conclusion that the limited knowledge about disabilities in our society and no will to do better create big problems to worry about.

The evening was very interesting and a special experience to listen to different stories and to hear other peoples opinions about that topic.

We enjoyed the evening a lot and are looking forward to our next Fellowship. As we finished our Listen to series in September next time we will talk about: A Talent and its power.

We kindly invite you, so see you on October 25th !

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