Root Fellowship – Violence against Children

This is only one of the striking statistics which were published in the findings of a national “Violence Against Children and Youth Survey” in 2017. The survey had been conducted by the Rwanda Ministry of Health in cooperation with UNICEF in 2015 and 2016. According to the image shown above, there is still a too great extent of violence against children in Rwanda. That’s why we chose this issue as the topic for our “Root Fellowship” discussion on 26 September 2018.

Of course, it seems that the results of the survey are alarming. But it has soon become clear during our discussion that not necessarily everyone shares the same understanding of what can for example be called physical violence. Some people considered children being beaten as being violated without any doubt. By contrast, some others considered this procedure rather as an educational method which can be legitimated or has in their opinion even benefited themselves in their development. It was by all means a very interesting and also vivid discussion which, as we hope, has contributed to the awareness about the problem of violence against children.

The next “Root Fellowship” will take place at the Root House on 31 October 2018. We hope to meet as many participants in the discussion as possible again.

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