Root Fellowship

Is it inborn or is it learnt? Is it passion or a hobby ? Is it just something you are good at or is it a talent?

On yesterdays Root Fellowship we had a very interesting and funny discussion about this topic: A talent and its power.

First of all we had to clarify what a talent is, as we noticed anybody has his own definition of it. Like “Is sleeping really a talent?” – Nobody knows…

Everybody was involved in the discussion as everyone had to write down their talent. We got to see that everybody has at least one talent (or something he is good at, depending on the definition). But we also realized that talents can be very different – some have a talent of singing, some of dancing, some people are good at listening to others and yes, someone has a talent of sleeping.

Afterwards we talked about how talents are discovered, nurtured, how they can be supported in schools and at home and a lot more. There were so many questions around that subject…

The highlight of the evening was the live performance of our Rootdancers. We have seen really talented kids dancing and drumming. It was stunning.

All in all it was a really great evening and we are already looking forward to our next Fellowship, where we also are going to deal with a very interesting topic:

Gender equality – Is it possible?

As always, see you next month!

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