South-North Dialogue, face-to-face

For three years now, we have been in partnership with “Eine Welt Netz NRW” concerning Human Resources; since 2015, the German organisation has been providing every year a volunteer to work at Root Foundation for one year. On 23 October, it was the first time that a delegation from “Eine Welt Netz NRW” visited us. That was a great occasion to get to know each other vis-à-vis and to share each other’s feedback on our partnership up to now.

Susanne Nieländer who is responsible for the program her organisation offers regarding the developmental voluntary service “weltwärts” – which is why she is our contact person, as well – has been accompanied by a few colleagues during the stay at Rwanda. We were happy to make them familiar with our place, when they arrived at our Children’s Center in Batsinda. In the following, we had an interesting conversation, mainly about everybody’s impressions of volunteering, but also basically about the background of each other’s organisation.

In an additional meeting at the managerial level, there was a further talk about the cooperation in receiving and mentoring the volunteers in order to figure out where to improve in terms of our partnership. Since Root Foundation Germany is in the foundation phase at the moment, we are convinced to thereby also be able to offer an adequate assistance with regard to the choice of volunteers in Germany in the near future.

We would like to thank Susanne Nieländer and her team cordially for the nice visit and we are already looking forward to a further successful cooperation!

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