The run on the movies

On Tuesday, 27 November, our Children’s Center was literally full of children when we hosted a movie screening for them as a part of the “Science Film Festival”.

This festival is organised by Goethe-Institut in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Its purpose is to promote science literacy as well as to facilitate awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues through a selection of outstanding international films with additional educational activities. In Rwanda, it is prepared in collaboration with the National Council for Science and Technology.

Now imagine around 200 children coming to our Center at once to attend this screening… Our team had not expected so many of them to take part in the event! Within a few hours, different groups of children have been shown two educational movies, one dealing with a trick to measure a tree and another one explaining how water circulation works.

On top of that, an experiment took place which was supposed to underline the discoveries of the second film regarding the rain falling to earth from a cloud: Who would have thought that this process could be illustrated by some food colouring making its way through shaving foam – which is placed on top of a cup of water – to reach the water underneath?

That afternoon, our children really had much fun and also learned a lot. This is why we would like to thank Nina, the responsible intern at Goethe-Institut, who organised the event and two students who implemented the experiment for their great efforts!

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