Three trips on one day

Shortly before Root Foundation started into the holidays over Christmas during which our Children’s Center would be closed, many of our children were still given the opportunity to gain new experiences during one of our three trips which all took place on 23 December 2018. Thanks to the generous offer of our partner Jallyn Travels to sponsor a trip to Akagera National Park, a group of children got the chance to go there, accompanied by our team members Cheez, Providence and Straton. Thus, they saw zebras, elephants and other fascinating animals in real for the first time – everyone was truely excited about this travel into the wild nature! (You can see a picture of the group below.)

At the same time, a group of teenagers visited the “Campaign against Genocide Museum” which is located in the Rwanda Parliament building. This trip was supposed to have an educational impact according to the serious historic issue the museum deals with. Last but not least, a group of those Kids who are engaged in Traditional Dancing and Singing performed at a Christmas event for children with disabilities which took place at a center of the organisation “Love with Actions”, located in Bumbogo. It was a special matter for our volunteers and the children to visit this impressive organisation and to contribute to the festive feeling for the disabled children on this day!

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