On 29 March, we hosted a small group of people connected to and working for the YALI initiative at our Center. The “Young African Leaders Initiative” (YALI) is a program designed for young people from the sub-Saharan countries between 18 and 25, intending to enhance their leadership skills and to, thereby, encourage them in their proactive community activities. Our director Muragwa participated in their courses when he was still at university and held the position of a program manager at Root Foundation in 2016: “I attended YALI to be better equipped in terms of leadership at Root Foundation and, indeed, was offered a great opportunity to study which turned out being of importance, especially regarding my development as a civic leader.”

In the retro perspective, Muragwa points out, “the first ever experience to gather and actually live together with young leaders from 14 different African countries for two months brought me into the position of feeling more confident and also more ready to learn from mistakes by taking responsibility.” Consequently, Muragwa took over as the director at Root Foundation soon. Since he is an alumnus, YALI representatives decided to visit our organisation in order to understand what kind of impact he has been able to make in his community. We were proud to give the visitors some impressions of our work and are now looking forward to working together with YALI in terms of publishing about Muragwa’s and Root Foundation’s impact soon.

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