We’re Building Root – Progress thanks to you!

“Murakoze cyane! Thank you very much!” to everyone who donated via our crowdfunding campaign over the period of the past few weeks! We are happy that we are able to note a decisive progress: At the moment, only some Euro are still needed until our project will finally reach the first 4,000 Euro mark. This amount of money equals a tenth share of the 40,000 Euro we are currently intending to raise for the purchase of our own land property in Batsinda where we hope to build our new Center later!

If you haven’t been introduced to our campaign up to now, here is some basic information what it is all about: Due to the reassignment of the right to use our former center in Batsinda, Kigali, we are unfortunately forced to find a new location for the Root Foundation. The first shock was immediately followed by enthusiasm, as this situation represents a great opportunity for our organisation. We have the possibility to build a “new” Root Foundation, adapted to our individual needs, and to offer the children an even better place for their personal development. Find out more by clicking on the picture below:

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