Telling the untolds – Stories of Street Children at Root Foundation

Who are we? Who have we been before? And who do we want to become? – every single person in this world has his own story, but only few have the chance to tell it.

We at Root Foundation host about 170 street children weekly, invite them to join our programs and help to guide them on their way to personal success. These children are what Root Foundation consists of and after having restructured our organization in the past two months, we found it was time to tell their stories. Where do all these children come from? How did they grow up? We need to listen carefully if we want to understand their situation and needs, their dreams, hopes, aspirations…

From now on we will publish one child’s story a week based on the impressions we got of their life when visiting them at home and at school. For us, it is important to listen to their stories for many reasons.

One of them is Root Foundation itself – to improve our daily work and optimise our programs we consider asking those who join it for the best way. Secondly, we want to strenghten our Godparent Program to support our children in a more efficient and individual way. But the most important point to us is that we want to offer these children a space to speak, tell us their stories and who they are.

As always, a speaker needs a listener and for this reason we kindly ask you to follow our new series. Be excited about what our children will tell you – the stories of their life.