A certificate from “Kindernothilfe”

Perhaps you remember that in May and June, Root Foundation participated in a competition in cooperation with our German partner school Gymnasium Netphen which we won with our “Anti-Plastic Project”. In addition to 1.000 Euro that we already received as an award, we were still about to get a certificate from “Kindernothilfe”. It was by surprise that we were called in September and told that our certificate would be sent to us so that we could hang it somewhere in our Children’s Center.

Then – to make it official – even a skype meeting with Gymnasium Netphen has been organised. During this call, the country director of “Kindernothilfe” came to us and handed us the certificate before it was our children’s turn to show some performances to our partners on the other end of the line. Finally, we are very grateful to our German partner group for the great cooperation regarding this important environmental topic as well as for the certificate which we now proudly received.

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