Brass for Africa? We are coming!

This Saturday morning, the children have formed a large circle in the Root Foundation Center. Everyone is concentrated and listening to the child who is currently playing one of the recently-arrived trumpets or trombones. Enthusiastically, Cheez takes one of the music instruments and shows how to put one’s mouth upon its opening in order to create tones. The children try to follow him. Finally, after some time filled with strange noises, one can hear him saying “Aahaa”; for the respective child is now succeeding in creating a tone.

As this moment seems to be kind of an eye-opener, it can also be considered as the starting point for the realization of the “Brass for Africa” project. Yet, it has actually been initiated some time before: The arriving of the music instruments is the result of a so-called “concert of partnership”, an event which took place in Landau (Germany) on 17 June 2018. Both donations in cash and in kind that were collected on this day have been used in order to send trumpets and trombones to Rwanda.

Now that they have arrived, Root Foundation is looking forward to the planned cooperation with the organisation “Brass for Africa” the aim of which is to offer brass music lessons to underprivileged children in African countries. In addition to this organisation, we would also especially like to thank the Jumelage as well as its partners in Rhineland-Palatinate for their support!

Find out more about the planned cooperation with “Brass for Africa”…

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