Fellowship – How to talk about sex with kids

Sex, sex, sex. An unusual topic to talk about in public, led us to a great exchange between our children, Root Foundation friends, expatriate visitors and AFRIYAN. Especially interesting: sharing personal experiences (not only from Rwandan point of view, but Australian, Canadian and German too). We had parents and teachers who expressed their opinion on sex education in school. The easy access to pornographic material on the internet was vividly discussed and Root Foundation’s child Theo shared his experience from the youth perspective. Surprising, upsetting and not easy to handle that even through Whatsapp sex has the power of setting a children’s mind. We opened our eyes how important it is to begin sex education as early as possible. Talking about sex with our children is a must to make them understand the dangers, the chances and the fun behind it.

Many thanks to ARFIYAN for giving us their idea on how to shape sex education.

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