Root Foundation feels highly honored as we were given the opportunity to host an official delegation from the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate at our Children’s Center on 8 April! Our guests included Roger Lewentz, Minister of the Interior of Rhineland-Palatinate (to be seen on the left-hand side in the photo below), Dr Richard Auernheimer, the president of the Partnership (“Jumelage”) Rhineland-Palatinate / Rwanda (on the right-hand side in the photo), and Hendrik Hering, president of the regional parliament.

In a joint conversation, our team introduced them to Root Foundation’s programs. We appreciate their huge interest in our work and are happy that everyone left with a smile that day. Once more, we would like to address many additional thanks to the local Jumelage representatives who were also present that day, especially to Katja Gruber, director of the Rwandan coordination office, and Franz Eichinger, deputy director, as well as volunteer Oliver Lötzke for their great efforts to make this valuable visit possible. We are definitely very much looking forward to any possible future cooperation!

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