Plastic! Pastic? Plastic.

What is plastic? How does it effect our environment? Where can we find plastic? Is plastic really necessary?

In cooperation with the ‘Gymnasium Netphen’ we created a workshop about plastic, where we settled those exact questions.

At four different stations we learnt, discussed, documented, stunned… For example we have seen a movie about how plastic effects different animals in the pacific. Also the children had to guess how long it takes different types of plastic to be reduced completely. As we gave many information to the children like when plastic was invented and which raw material is needed to produce plastic, they were stunned and fascinated by the topic in general.

We have to thank our german partnerschool, the Gymnasium Netphen for the inspiration and for many documents which we used to plan the program. As Gymnasium Netphen and Root Foundation are participating in a contest with the plastic project we hope the best for all of us!

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