Root Foundation Kids at a wedding in Nyamirambo

This was not just any Saturday. On 8 September, some selected girls and boys of different age who were accompanied by our volunteers Amouri, Providence, Hannah and Ella took the bus in order to attend a wedding in Nyamirambo.

Their performance of traditional dancing, drumming and singing was not only considered a fascinating side event by the wedding guests, but even provided the framework of the festive event. Well prepared by our energetic dancing and drumming teacher Amouri, the children succeeded in contributing to the general positive mood due to their passion and talent.

But how could this opportunity arise at all? The answer is simple: Their great performance at our director Cheez’ wedding – which had taken place earlier this year – had caught the bridal couple’s attention. Hence Root Foundation followed an invitation to let the Kids present during the traditional part of the wedding what they had learned. Wearing their nice traditional costumes, they had much fun and made this wedding very special. Some of them even proactively took a few guests by the hand in order to let them join the solo dancing performances. Such a delight was in the air!

You can imagine some Root Foundation children presenting their performances at one of your events? That would be great! Just get in contact with us 🙂

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