We moved to a new, temporary Center

On Saturday, 9 February, the Batsinda neighbourhood became witness of a huge community procession as Root Foundation relocated to a new Center. Instead of a usual Saturday Program, all our children and team members shifted pieces of furniture, music instruments and many other items to our new place which is located on a road that leads from Batsinda to Kagugu (KG 24 Ave).

The weeks before, we had felt under pressure regarding the search for a building which could offer a temporary solution for our daily operations. However, after the collective move, we were so happy to see how energetically our children considered the new environment as a promising space when they first entered there!

On the one hand, we don’t believe that renting this house would be a sufficient solution for our long-term perspective which is why we have developed the plan of building our own space as explained in the article on page 2. On the other hand, the changes which we have recently been undergoing due to our move there brought new, positive opportunities for our administrative work as well as for the scheduling of our children’s activities! We are happy that we have now settled there for the moment!

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